Joan Smith

Joan Smith Artwork

Joan Smith Art
“I just signed my first licensing deal! 30+ pieces of my artwork were recently licensed to a company for use on items from wall decor to functional products! I will be negotiating 2 more art licensing deals in the near future.

A few short years ago, I had only heard of the word licensing, and today I have the knowledge and confidence to tackle any type of licensing, from artwork to product creation.

The coaching, guidance and encouragement I received from InventRight has been the key to helping to know which doors to knock on and better yet, how to get them to open!

Your InventRight program is easy to follow, interesting, full of good information, webinars, and sound advice created by real people, who have licensed products themselves. It’s nice to have a coach with integrity that can be counted on for everything from “is this a good idea?” to “how to take the fear out of pitching a product” and everything in between. You know what you’re talking about and genuinely want to see others succeed and for that I am grateful!”

Joan Smith

Inventor, Joan Smith Art

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