John P.

Inventor of WineHive, Curtain Clasper, and more!

WineHive Invented by John P.
Curtain Clasper Invented by John P.
“Don’t take this course if you’re looking for a quick, easy and magic solution to making money. Licensing your ideas is hard work. Fun, challenging, rewarding and potentially lucrative, but hard work. inventRight shows you how to most effectively leverage that effort to get the best shot at the goal and to avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Stephen Key is the real deal. It’s always best to learn from someone who’s done it before, but Stephen brings that learning to a whole different level, by guiding his students every step along the way. He gives inventors and independent designers like myself the skill set and confidence required to get in the door with these big companies, and land a great licensing deal. Open Innovation is an amazing business platform, and there is no better teacher than Stephen Key.”

John P.

Inventor, WineHive, Curtain Clasper, and more!

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