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Right Height Invented by April Mitchell
Right Height Invented by April Mitchell
“Last year was tough on my normal line of products – bachelor party/wedding supplies, as most people were isolating and many were postponing weddings. I decided I would need to be creative and branch off in to new categories to stay successful. I came up with a lot of unique and all original designs and slogans for baby showers. In doing this, I found success with a number of different products in this category, including one of my most popular sashes for men – “”The Man Behind The Bump.” On top of that, sales have sky rocketed for my bachelor party/wedding supplies as there have been an influx of them going on this year. Being persistent and creative paid off. I credit inventRight for teaching me to continue to adapt and figuring out new solutions to my problems. I especially credit Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for the motivation to keep being creative!”
Jon Corbett
Inventor, Baby Shower Sashes
Jon Corbett


“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in secret compartments — probably from reading
books about secret passages in castles and fake bookcases that open up hidden rooms.
Anyways, I came across a popular product on Amazon that allowed you to hide a few small items
behind a fake electrical outlet cover.
After reading some reviews that complained about how fake the product looked, I decided I could do
So, I ordered one to see for myself. When I got it, I had the same thought — it was pretty fake-looking.
How would I make a more realistic-looking design?
First I visited Home Depot, where I picked out all of the realistic parts. Later, in my garage, I tried
dozens of different designs.
It took me a lot of time, but I kept iterating.
Because inventRight taught me to not just sit on this idea and tinker with it forever, I quickly listed my
prototype on Amazon.
With little marketing, I found initial success. However, it was taking me much too long to build them
and they didn’t look that professional, as the parts were glued together by hand.
Since I had proven my concept with sales, I decided to take the next step and get a custom mold
done in China.
This was a long process, as I wanted to make sure they were designed just right.
In short, it took well over a year to develop this product and bring it to market. I’m glad that I had the
persistence to get it done.
I greatly credit inventRight with teaching me how to innovate and take existing products and make
them better.
Right now, it is doing very well on Amazon and I’m looking to expand in other areas of diversion
Even though I successfully ventured this product, I still encourage the majority of inventors I speak
with to go the licensing route.
Many things could have gone wrong and I have gained a thorough understanding of Amazon from
countless hours of research and implementation.” — Jon Corbett
Jon Corbett


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