Joshua L and Philip C

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I have almost a decade of experience in the lighting industry and am passionate about the art and science that is lighting. My company Lighting Spaces, which is based in Melbourne, is an award-winning lighting consultancy and supplier. We partner with progressive design agencies, creative studios and manufacturers to provide lighting solutions that bring completeness to their vision. We co-developed Shelflyne, which allows solderless, quick and easy installation of linear luminaires into shelving for the home or retail environment. After almost 15 months of negotiation we managed to license out our invention to a large multinational. It really is the case that big companies move slowly! We came across Stephen Key’s book “One Simple Idea” while searching for help on licensing out our invention and didn’t hesitate to sign up for their mentorship course. Thanks to the entire team, especially to our coach for all the negotiation advice! We wouldn’t have got there without your help!”

Joshua L and Philip C


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