Kevin Smith

Inventor of Switch Kick

Switch Kick Invented by Kevin Smith

“Inventing is like joining a band! For inventors we have our own instrument, it’s our “idea” and our fellow bandmates are other inventors like you and me! We dream, plan, and execute our ideas with the help from talented music producers. Our invention producers are the amazing people at inventRight! I would have never had my HIT without them! I am so thankful for all of the advice and especially on the subject of contracts. Because as a result of our collaboration we can create a hit song! My advice is you join the band and play your instrument all the way to the bank!

Top 3 things inventRight did for me: Contract, Contract, Contract. Just like in real estate where location is everything…in licensing an invention it’s got to be the contract!

I am extremely thankful to inventRight and the guidance & experience they taught me! Instead of having an idea and a useless patent floating around…I’ve got a solid contract and it’s been a financial lifesaver especially during Covid!“ – Kevin S.

It works!

Stephen’s system actually worked… and exactly like you said it would! From making the cold calls to the sales sheet, every aspect of the system gave me the confidence I needed to present my product in an intelligent and concise way. One of my potential licensees said that my presentation was the most organized and professional that they had ever seen in 30 years of being in business. Stephen and Andrew have been an essential on my journey of bringing my drum product to the market. I’m so grateful for their wisdom, knowledge and insight and I really appreciate the fact that I was able to personally talk with Steven and Andrew on multiple occasions for advice and guidance. Invent Right is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to bring their ideas to the market. I loved the YouTube videos, weekly webinars and most of all the book “10 Steps To Bring Your Idea To Market” it was indispensable! I highly recommend this dynamic duo of product licensing!”

Kevin Smith

Inventor, Switch Kick

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