Landa Rubio

Inventor of Whitmor Sock Bag

Whitmor Sock Bag Invented by Landa Rubio
“From the moment I joined the inventRight coaching program until I licensed my invention, my coach Scott Putnam was simply amazing, so helpful and understanding.

I had to teach myself how to research companies, contact companies, and engage over email and the phone when pitching my invention.

The first company I called I nicknamed my ‘lucky charm.’

Even though I felt that this company would give me a deal, I still continued to call other companies all over the United States.

In fact, I called over 100 companies. I got rejections, I was being told no left and right, but I never gave up. I’m very persistent. You have to stay positive and know that you will get a deal.

Ultimately, I had two offers and I took the offer from my lucky charm.

My invention will be sold all over the United States and internationally and is available at Big Lots now.

I would advise any inventor to work with Scott Putnam as he was a great coach and mentor.

Investing with him and inventRight was the best choice I could have made. God bless you all!”

Landa Rubio

Inventor, Whitmor Sock Bag

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