Lars Rannes

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“This past week I signed my very first license deal, and I am over the top excited about it naturally. Getting to this point in my inventing career has taken a bit longer than I expected, but sometimes the timing for your idea is just not right.

A year ago, I submitted my product with a top-notch sell sheet and fantastic video.

However, I received nothing but no’s. My product was either too niche, too big, too this, or too that.

A bit discouraged, I tucked it away and almost forgot it until one company came back and said, “Hey Lars, how about that thing?”

The market for kitchen tools that prepare plant-based food had taken off, and they saw an opportunity to launch a new line for that category specifically.

So, I brought my prototype back out, dusted it off, scrapped it completely, redesigned, & 3D-printed a new, upgraded version.

Nay, they said again.

I decided to let more companies look at the updated material and BINGO: Serious interest.

The 10-step process I learned as an iR student was instrumental in securing this deal. Stephen’s book “Sell Your Ideas” also provided me with a list of essential points I needed to include in my term sheet before involving my attorney.”

Lars Rannes


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