Leigh Martin

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“One of the best things about you guys is that you clearly want to help. While navigating the often treacherous path from concept to market I found so much misinformation and so many cautionary tales about scams and pitfalls and everywhere I turned, I found plenty of those who wanted money or equity just to give out the simplest information or crack open their Rolodex for me.

Initially, I came to your site while web surfing to check out your resources page and I was surprised and happy to see that you didn’t try to hold back- there was much useful information and contact info and great articles. Although you did promote yourselves and your services on your site, I respected that you didn’t leave the impression that I had to spend money before learning what I first came for. This told me that you guys are passionate about what you do for its own sake.

Next, I listened to the stories of other successful inventors and that of course was very motivating and inspiring.

I had the chance to talk twice with Stephen and once with Andrew over the next year and again, you guys were completely forthcoming, encouraging and respectful of me as a ‘real’ inventor even though I hadn’t made a dime yet- and hadn’t yet paid you anything.

Another great thing about you both is the tone you set: It was very reassuring and important to me to hear you say over and over the message that this process doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or mystifying… it IS possible to license an idea without breaking the bank- there are steps one can take and shortcuts and moreover; the licensees put their pants on just like we do and that they need us just as much, (maybe more) than we need them. That gave me the confidence to start thinking of myself as the real deal and speaking of my product in commercial terms without feeling as if I was at a disadvantage.

You paid it forward and that made me want to pay you back.

After I joined, it was also terrific to get your input on the contract. I was overwhelmed and intimidated at first and again you were generous with your time and helped me quickly separate the forest from the trees. One comment in particular about the contract that sticks in my mind is when I was questioning the minimum $20K in sales required to renew the agreement. I said that number seemed too low and you said I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff because ‘when it comes to DRTV, it’s like being a little bit pregnant; either you are or you aren’t’!


Leigh Martin


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