Maria Ruvio

Inventor of the Casserole Caddy

Casserole Caddy Invented by Maria Ruvio

“Before joining inventRight, trying to license an idea on my own was like taking two steps forward and three steps backwards with no support, guidance or advice and feeling like an orphan. Joining inventRight changed all of that. Suddenly, I became part of a family of inventors who are always there — like a roadmap — guiding me for whatever I needed help with. My inspiration soared. With the 10-step program, I am excited to report that I have successfully licensed my first idea with a goal of licensing many more. I couldn’t have achieved success without the inventRight program and the coaches. I’m so very grateful to everyone at inventRight and look forward to a fruitful future ahead. Thank you.”

Maria Ruvio

Inventor, Casserole Caddy

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