Marina D.

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“My name is Marina, I am originally from Paraguay, South America, I moved to Indianapolis where I work and realized very quickly the overwhelmed challenges that single working parents as myself are facing every day. Our dreams, at times, are pushed at the bottom and there’s “no time” to take action on our ideas.

Everything changed after becoming an inventRight student and today I am I’m thrilled to announce that I licensed my first product. It was the first time I was approaching a company with my idea and the contract was offered to me after a month of becoming a student!!

This experience awakened an unquenchable curiosity regarding the licensing world and how putting little time every day can make ideas and dreams come to life. I am fascinated by how this program leads me to learn about the different ways I could use my skills to improve and achieve goals.

What an honor, to have Paul Sorensen as my coach, a person with such aptitudes and a keen cultural sensitivity. I truly feel I can call Paul my friend, mi amigo. Forever thankful for your guidance and encouragement!”

Marina D.


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