Martin L

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“When I first found Inventright on Youtube I was there looking for a way to license my product as I had realised that venturing it was way beyond my capacity in terms of time and money. I realised that I wasn’t willing to risk my life savings on something that might not ever get off the ground.

I have had a life-changing experience going through the inventRight process because I have developed skills such as making professional phone calls and creating marketing video that I would never have imagined doing. My coach David was right there with me through the whole process so I always had the confidence to push further onto the next step.

The process itself is well thought out and very clear with massive amounts of back up material to answer any questions. Being part of the inventRight family meant you never felt alone, even though I live in Australia and felt like a total foreigner in the American market. I was thrilled to sign my first contract and get that first licence under my belt. I eagerly await seeing my product on the shelf. It was a steep learning curve at times but now that I know how to do it, I can race through the steps a lot quicker.

I am finally embarking on my pet project that started the whole thing. I had put it to one side while I was learning the ropes as it was too important to me to screw up.

Massive thanks to my coach David, Andrew, Stephen and all the crew for a new beginning.”

Martin L


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