Martin Lombardini

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“When I made the decision to take the leap and work on commercializing my ideas, it was a momentous time.

What I learned early on in the process is that you can get pulled into so many different directions.

The truth is many of those directions will suck up all your time, money, and inspiration!

A friend once asked me, how are you doing this? I told him I felt like a blindman, stumbling around a room looking for clues as to how to start and what to do.

One day I stumbled onto Stephen Key. I started to listen to his free videos and bought two of his books. A week later I knew I had found the answers I was looking for.

But I could have never imagined that most all the answers were all in one place called inventRight.

I want to thank Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for putting everything you need to know in one place for being successful at licensing.

I also want to thank Paul Sorenson for being the exceptional coach he is and helping me along the way.

What I encountered at iR is honest and straightforward guidance from everyone I interacted with and the type of content that is grounded in reality for making your dreams come true!”

Martin Lombardini


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