Matt Anderson

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“My vertical brick concept was ideal to hang Pix Brix creations on windows, doors, & mirrors.

As Shawn from Pix Brix and I started to work together after meeting on the floor of NYC Toy Fair this year, he asked for more.

I designed hangers that are magnetic, adhesive, & also for drywall + wooden walls — 5 hangers in total — & they licensed them all!

Although Toy Fair led to some leading companies in the toy industry being interested in my concepts, those submissions are currently in the long & mysterious process that takes place when dealing with big players.

Stephen Key always says that it is good to target the hungry companies that are really working hard to grow. That strategy worked for me!

The Pix Brix guys will be starting to include my hangers in the box with their sets very soon, and they are also making packages of just the hangers available to all their customers, so that everyone can display what they have made anywhere they want.

Thank you #inventRight, Andrew Krauss, and Amy Jo, my encouraging coach!

With your knowledge & training, I was able to persist through 4 months of continued product development & 3 months of negotiations.

I learned lot & am excited to do the next deal.”

Matt Anderson


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