Mohamad Ali

Inventor of Power Lock Line of Products

Power Lock 20M Extension Cord
Power Lock  Female Plugs Invented by Mohamad Ali
Power Lock  Male Plugs Invented by Mohamad Ali
““One Simple Idea” by Stephen Key. What a great book! I am Mohamed from Egypt and I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but I didn’t know how to get the advantages of them. One day I was so lucky to find “One Simple Idea” on Amazon, at this moment my whole life has changed.

The book is very simple and neat and it helped me a lot in finding the right way to get the benefit of my ideas.

I carefully followed the steps starting from Chapter One “The Power of One Simple Idea” and going through the rest of chapters, I learned how to prototype and validate my idea, how to protect it, how to find and communicate with potential licensees, and finally how to cut the deal.

Now my idea has become a product which is available on shelves and on Amazon and this is all thanks to this great book, “One Simple Idea.””

Mohamad Ali

Inventor, Power Lock Line of Products

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