Patrick London

Inventor of Children’s Book ‘Tiberius, Arapaima, and the Monster Eel’

Children's Book Invented by Patrick London
“A little story about my new book, ‘Tiberius, Arapaima and the Monster Eel.’

The night my twin grandchildren (girl and boy) were born, my book was also born.

The birth was a happy, joyous occasion for celebration.

The morning after their birth, I awoke at 5 am from a dream about my childhood days, and I wrote the book.

My dream was about: My happy childhood experiences in the Amazon rainforest, hunting, swimming, hiking, fishing, etc.

The happy and loving times with family and friends. Never giving up on your dreams.

In the Amazon, as a boy 10 years old, I also witnessed the capture of the largest fresh water fish — the Arapaima — by my uncle and other villagers.

The whole dream story, my imagination, and childhood experiences evolved into my book, ‘Tiberius, Arapaima and the Monster Eel.’

Stephen Key and his inventRight program were very instrumental in motivating me, from researching publishing companies to getting my book published.

His book ‘One Simple Idea’ and the inventRight program were the road maps that guided me along the way.

The book is now published by FreisenPress.”

Patrick London

Inventor, Children's Book 'Tiberius, Arapaima, and the Monster Eel'

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