Peter Hammer

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

I have been working on a product since 2016 and really wanted to find a way to bring it to life. After a few
discussions with a few friends, none of us had the time or resources to start a company. I ended up
searching “invent” on Audible and came across “One Simple Idea”. I listened to the whole book during my
drives to work and started the process.

Life happened, and I put the product on the back burner until I had a discussion with my wife about going
through the coaching program after I watched a few Youtube videos from inventRight. I set up the initial
call with Dana Knowles, and it got me excited about the coaching program.

My wife and I decided to pull the trigger to bring this product to life. I was assigned Scott Putnam as my
coach. He was an open book about his background with inventRight and how he himself is an inventor.
He was extremely helpful when walking through the process. He was also very encouraging. I bounced
ideas off of him and he had the experience and knowledge on how to proceed forward in the best
possible way. Scott is a GEM!

My experience was an amazing journey. I am so glad I took the extra step to move forward with the 1 on 1
coaching plan! I am now equipped with real-world experience on how to bring my ideas to the market.

Peter Hammer


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