Philip C.

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“Inventing has always been a passion of mine. I joined inventRight in February of 2017 after reading Stephen Key’s “One Simple Idea.” Through the great resources and staff at inventRight I was able to avoid many mistakes inventors make during the process of bringing a product to market. With the excellent help of my coach Scott Putnam my product idea was licensed in a little over 90 days of joining inventRight. I am now onto my second product idea. To someone considering joining I will tell them this: Being an inventRight student is a journey that will require effort on your part. Getting your product idea ready for the market and building a quality hit list, practicing your sales pitch with your coach requires time and effort. However, if you put forth the effort it will happen. With inventRight you are not alone, there are others making the journey with you. I want to personally thank my coach Scott Putnam for helping me along the way. I also want to thank Stephen Key for encouraging all inventors out there, Andrew Krauss, Lynnsie Whittaker at inventRight’s Design Studio, David Fedewa, attorney Noah Harfouch and the rest of the inventRight staff. To all my fellow inventors: Don’t give up, keep inventing!”

Philip C.


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