Ryan Aguirre

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I finally signed my first licensing agreement!

As an inventor I am truly grateful that I found Inventright it has been a true blessing! Stephen and Andrew and the inventright team/coaches especially David Fedewa my personal coach are extremely helpful in the inventing process! They are truly the experts in this industry! They are knowledgeable in every part of the inventing process. Before I found inventright I was a confused inventor and made a lot of bad decisions that cost me tons of money. I now know that you don’t have to waste your money on things that are not needed, because of Inventright I have now licensed a product and expect to license many more with the knowledge I learned, I recommend lnventright to any inventor out there trying to bring a product out to the market place! You will not find this kind of help and knowledge anywhere else!! Thank you Inventright!! You’re a dream come true !”

Ryan Aguirre


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