Simon Touma

Inventor of Flip N Pure Folding Golf Brush

Flip N Pure Golf Brush Invented by Simon Touma
“I came up with a simple idea — I noticed that the market did not have any folding golf brushes. The benefit of the folding golf brush is to hide away the sharp hard brass bristles inside the handle of the brush.

A large number of companies I called to license my product expressed interest.

One even provided me with the name of the company that would license my product, which wasn’t on my original list of companies to call.

That company turned out to be Golf Gifts & Gallery, GGG.

After going back and forth a few times on the phone, GGG expressed interest. I was asked about every facet of the brush and I was able to provide them with the information they needed to make a determination to license my product.

I used Stephen Key’s advice every step of the way from initial contact to market.

GGG and I worked together for almost two years discussing sale of the product and refining prototypes.

The brush is on the market and sold around the world in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India, and many other countries. My hope is that additional retail chain stores are added in 2020.

Thank you so much for always being available to me and everyone, you are truly one of a kind!!”

Simon Touma

Inventor, Flip N Pure Folding Golf Brush

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