Staffan S

Inventor of Double Dutch Grilling Oven

Double Dutch Grilling Oven Invented by Staffan S.
“I can’t stop smiling!

On Thursday, last week a signed license contract came back to me! My product will be sold under a very famous, American home appliance brand. But it’s been a winding path…

Before hooking up with Stephen and Andrew, I did many of the common mistakes an inventor can do; I filed a utility patent, talked to one company, and spent too much time on perfection. And yes, it failed. Big time!

Then I found inventRight – what a gem! I saw all their YouTube videos and I read “One Simple Idea”.

I was pumped up to get it right, but still I lacked the release. A couple of years passed… And then, finally, in April last year I decided to become a student. With all the cards on hand – why did I wait that long? Why did I hesitate? This is it!

Now, I’ve reached the goal to box a deal. From September, my product will be in approx. 3,000 stores all over US. As we speak, we’re also discussing Europe as a market as well. One spin-off of cutting this deal, are additional +20 ideas within the same category – outdoor grilling. The licensee likes me a lot.

The future so bright, I got to wear shades!

Thank you to my coaches J.Andre, Judy and David.

A big Thanks to all of you at inventRight!”

Staffan S.

Inventor, Double Dutch Grilling Oven

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