Sylvain & Suzanne

Inventor of De-Bird Floating Pool Repellent

De Bird Floating Pool Repellent Invented by Sylvain and Suzanne
“My product idea is now available on Amazon from a small bird deterrent company called De-Bird. This is for everyone who hates to see bird droppings all around their pool & deck. I know I hate it! It’s easy to assemble. You simply let it float all around your pool to reflect the sun to help keep the birds away.

It was actually my wife’s idea. She’s the one who was intent on finding a solution and built the first prototype. Thanks to the skills I learned with inventRight, I knew I had to make it smaller for packaging purposes. It worked!

I want to thank you guys, especially Terry for the great coaching. Stephen & David, keep posting videos on YouTube — that’s what kept me trying!”

Sylvain & Suzanne

Inventor, De-Bird Floating Bird Repellent

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