Tami Doebbeling

Swingin Shoes Invented by Otto D'Agnolo

“My name is Tami Doebbeling and I am a stay-at-home mom.
I have always been what you would call a serial entrepreneur. From having small furniture reno shop, to cleaning houses, to doing wedding flowers, I have always been on the hunt for starting a business.
Thing is, once it was up and running and starting to take off, I would lose interest or it would become too much trouble for what it was worth. I started watching “Shark Tank” when it came out and I was hooked. I knew inventing is what I wanted to do, but how?
Years later, I reached out to a long-distance relative who invented something. He told me to read “One Simple Idea,” by Stephen Key. I ate it up! I took notes, but even then couldn’t figure out how to take the next step after filing a provisional patent application and making my sell sheet.
Then, a couple years after that, I got mad at myself for not doing anything with any of my ideas.
I asked God to please help me and to bring someone into my life to help me figure this out. I really don’t remember how, but I found the inventRight YouTube channel and watched one right after another.
Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss helped me so much in knowing what I needed to do every step of the way. I am very skeptical, and I could see and hear the sincerity when one of them would do a video.
I could tell that they really wanted to help the inventor. I really couldn’t believe that they were giving all this great information for free!
When I was ready, I emailed a company that felt like a really good fit for my product and was surprised to hear back from them in about a day. I couldn’t believe it!
I heard over and over that you usually have to call about 80 companies to get a “yes,” and I almost feel guilty, but the first company I reached out to said yes, and they wanted me to send my sell sheet and short video of my product.
We had a few emails and a phone call; then it was time to sign the contract. I hadn’t taken the inventRight program; when it was time to sign the contract, I was very nervous. So, I called inventRight, and they were so helpful and friendly!
I was assigned to Paul Sorenson, who helped me tremendously and put my mind at ease. Even after I was done needing anymore advice, he would email me and ask how things are going and let me know if I had any more questions that he was always available.
When I would email him, he would email me back almost immediately! These people are the BEST at what they do!
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at doing something so foreign for the first time. I am hooked!
My product will be online in about 3 months’ time from my first email to the company, which is crazy fast!
I’m hoping it is successful, but if it’s not, I have a ton of other ideas that I can’t wait to license! Don’t be afraid to try! If I can do it, anyone can!”

Tami Doebbeling


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