Timea Ciliberti

Inventor of Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium Sleep Invented by Time Ciliberti
“All I have to say is your “”10 steps to bring your idea to market”” is the quickest, most effective and least expensive education and support system one could have that is so simple to follow. Anyone can become a multi millionaire that is dedicated with the help of this program. Basically a fast track to success and fortune. We all have innovative ideas, add your program and their you go…..

relaxdocWith the help of Stephen and Andrew I was able to strike a licensing contract with termsI wanted and with the company I wanted to partner with. We struck this deal for Relaxium, our nutritional supplement for anxiety and panic attacks without a patent in less than 30 days.

Stephen, Andrew, thanks for holding my hand, getting on the phone and negotiating for me, keeping my faith and giving me the knowledge to succeed. Keep up the good work!”

Timea Ciliberti

Inventor, Relaxium Sleep

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