Tony Watkins

Inventor of the Perma-Bond Road Marker

Perma-Bond Road Marker Invented by Tony Watkins
“inventRight was right with me every step of my product development and licensing journey.

I was coached on all facets of patenting, prototyping, testing, marketing, reaching out connecting with innovative companies, of course riding the waves of success and rejection, and ultimately the important tactics and negotiation strategies for a licensing contract for your product.

My coach Terry O’Mara guided and kept me committed to the process of product evolution and connection with companies.

Paul Sorenson guided me through the many alternatives and options in licensing discussions like a knowledgeable/trusted friend.

Early on I was told that ‘the value of a product/invention is relative to the cost and size of the problem that it solves!’

We have found that statement 100% true; the cost and safety risks are significant in the road marking industry.

Seeing our road markers at a trade show was wonderful. Then seeing them go onto the road was so rewarding.

After issuing patent applications in 42 countries we are now confidently reaching out to global companies for further licensing deals.

Thanks so much iR — this licensing deal is a reality because of you.”

Tony Watkins

Inventor, Perma-Bond Road Marker

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