Travis Fleming

Inventor of the AbMat Massage Gun Holder

Massage Gun Holder Invented by Travis Fleming
“I am a doctor of chiropractic and treat a lot of athletes/active people. Over the years, massage guns have grown in popularity and a lot of my patients had them. However, after years of hearing “Yes, I have one but I can’t reach my own back“ I decided to come up with a way to fix that.

I mocked up some designs and pitched them to AbMat. They loved the concept and specialize in innovative fitness equipment. After multiple tweaks we ended up with the current version. We also have another version coming out soon.

Austin and Dylan at AbMat really value creative minds and inventors. They were incredible at figuring out solutions while including me; We became a team…so much so, that they offered me a part-time position. I just received my first royalty check and we ordered another batch of massage gun holders.”

Travis Fleming

Inventor, Massage Gun Holder

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