Veronica Rodriguez

Inventor of Unicorn Headband Art Kit

Unicorn Headband Craft Kit Invented by Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Flying Maze
“Building prototypes has helped me overcome problems when inventing. I used to think that prototypes had to be nice looking when in fact that is not true. From using rubber bands to old t-shirts to cardboard to 3-D prints, they have all helped my inventing process. I have found most of my materials at the local dollar store.

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss have helped me tremendously. They have opened up my world of creativity. Some valuable advice from Stephen that sticks with me – he said, “”The only opinion that matters is the opinion of companies that are licensing your ideas.”” I’ve had the opportunity to license my ideas as a result of listening to this great advice.

I highly recommend watching Stephen and Andrew’s inventRight YouTube channel, reading their articles, and reading Stephen’s books One Simple Idea and Become a Professional Inventor.

I am not an expert. I still have much to learn. Inventing can be hard at first. However, it gets easier with each licensing deal. I’ve licensed pet products, toys, kitchenware, housewares, and now an arts and crafts product. If one can draw a stick figure, one can certainly license their ideas. I am proof of that.”

Veronica Rodriguez

Inventor, Unicorn Headband Art Kit

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