Vijay Malur

Creator of ‘Towards Thin Air: From Cardiac Bypass to Everest Bypasses’

Towards Thin Air Created by Vijay Malur
“I had a couple of British Patents & a couple of American Patents. As well informed as I am, still I could not get my products in to the market. I did loose lots of money trying to find marketing teams. All that I got in return was, — Nothing. My best day came when I learned about inventRight. I could not believe that they were willing to teach rookie inventors how to market their products. After getting the program guide, I went through it line by line & page by page. I got my coaching from my coach David Fedewa with reference to my inventions. He had the patience and the wisdom to guide me in the right direction. The inventRight webinars conducted by smart Andrew Krauss with the entire coaching team coordinating all the activities was so educational for me. Of course the “”Guru, Mr. Stephen Keys,”” was always there as a rock and an anchor for us all with his smiling face & friendly talk. All that I want to say is — Because of inventRight — Here I Am Today. My book “”TOWARDS THIN AIR”” published by LifeRich Publishing an imprint of “”Readers Digest”” launched globally and the response is very good within the first two weeks.

We the young inventors are wandering in the dark to reach the destination. inventRight puts the light in the path we walk to reach the destination.


Vijay Malur

Inventor, Towards Thin Air

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