Wilfred & Jarod Eldstrom

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“The path to inventing success is full of conmen, thieves, and bad info. I needed someone I could trust. I needed a map.

My son Jarod while in school for firefighting jumped in to help. We soon became a powerful team diverse in our strengths. That’s when we found inventRight: A treasure trove of knowledge, experience, encouragement, and mentorship.

We were mentored by a flesh & blood person, Scott “awesome” Putnam, who guided us along the journey, providing all the answers, and helping us to move forward when we felt stuck. All the resources you’ve ever dreamed of are available.

Through their guidance we have been able to take one product all the way to the market. Our product is now in the hands of the manufacturer; they’re cutting us checks. They’re even interested in a second product.

Like a baby bird, inventRight is happy with educating and working with us until we’re ready to fly. They teach and encourage you to do the work to build your licensing muscles. For that we are eternally grateful.

Through inventRight we were able to transform these creations into the gift they are meant to be. And to that we say, thank you.”

Wilfred & Jarod Eldstrom


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