Yehuda Goldberger

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“It was one day, about 1 year ago, when I reached a dead end, I felt like it’s impossible that being creative is just about being employed at a creative agency for a weekly wage, and all those ideas flying in my head are just dreams…

I did a deep search on my iphone podcast app with keywords like “creative, money, paid, struggle” etc. I am looking for something, but I don’t know what.

And I reached some podcast called “Smart Passive Income” the title of that specific podcast hit my eyes: How to get paid for your ideas… Hey! This is what I am looking for! It was a interview with a guy named Stephen Key, he spoke so simple and clear, like it’s just NOTHING, it’s so simple to make money from those ideas… It is NOT what you think it is…

A year forward and here is a recap what happened:

I signed up for inventRight, I was’t sure if Stephen is dreaming like all creative people are but I took the gamble, I listened and read carefully all reading material and webinars necessary, (I am enjoying it, the InventRight people had developed some new language… It’s just fun to listen!) I wrote a PPA, I did an explainer video on Fiverr, I pitched my idea to a list of companies, I got this 1 company interest, it wasn’t easy, it took long, but with the help of my fantastic coach David, and then with Stephen jumping in with his 75 MPH speed power, it happened! I LICENSED MY IDEA!

I am finally, hopefully, going to take full advantage of my blessed creativity! I can’t wait to open my mailbox with my first royalty check inside.

And this is for Andrew: let’s call it a day!”

Yehuda Goldberger


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