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Product Licensing for Young Entrepreneurs

Learn how to transform your ideas into products in 10 steps

Our mission is to empower young entrepreneurs with the system, resources, and mentorship needed to share their creativity with the world.

Learn how to license your product ideas using inventRight’s proven process and the most comprehensive guide in the world.

As an inventRight youth member, receive access to countless resources to help you share your creativity with the world.

Our program is designed to help you no matter where you are in the process of commercializing your new product idea.

Students who have participated in our youth program have licensed their invention, founded startups, interned in their university’s tech transfer office, filed patent applications, and obtained patents — all before they turn 21.

The biggest benefit is that they become empowered with the perspective, skills, and confidence they need to take action on any idea.

Bring your product ideas to market without having to start a business

What You Get with our Youth Program

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• How to create new product ideas

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• How to test the market to determine if your products can be licensed

Youth Entrepreneurs prototypeicon


• How to use the latest technologies to bring your product ideas to life

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• How to write a provisional patent application

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• How to create marketing material to pitch your idea

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• How to connect with open innovation, companies looking for a new product ideas

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• How to find and connect with companies looking for your ideas

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• How to negotiate a licensing agreement

No Charge

K-12 Upon Approval

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the form below so we can contact you about joining our youth program. Please also email us a copy of your student ID. You can email it to

Coach Courtney Laschkewitsch

Courtney is an award-winning entrepreneur and successful inventor who licensed four product ideas to a company that specializes in outfitting dorm rooms. She later secured a second deal of two more products with the same company. As a child, she remembers making paper models of amusement parks and ski resorts that took up a whole room. She started her first business as a teenager while attending college. Selling online and at several events throughout the year, she learned the basics of starting and growing her own small business.

She’s also an experienced educator. For nearly a decade, she taught classes to youth about robotics, animation, and design through an educational non-profit. “Each of our classes consisted of teaching the students how to be life-long learners and how to be creative thinkers at a young age,” she explained.

She has been recognized for her achievements, including being the inaugural youth division winner of the Nexties Awards for Entrepreneurship, as well as the Bay Area winner for the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

“Absolutely STOKED!!!! I think that for the first time ever licensing will be taught to high school research students. I am beyond grateful and humbled by this collaboration and opportunity to young innovators that will change the world one day. Thank you Stephen Key and Madeleine Key for making this possible. We will surely be creating ripples.

Stephen Key knowing you and your passion for your cause, I can’t say enough as to how special this is for me. My kiddos across the globe who are working with me on various projects are very lucky.

To support our kiddos with their innovative mindsets, we as a society and community should extend our hand to make a difference and inventRight is one of the few who have come forward to do just that.”

Rachna Nath,

2022 TIME Innovative Teacher of the Year, Lemelson-MIT invention educator, Fulbright Fellow, Nat Geo educator, and NASA Solar System Ambassador

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“I just want to reiterate how appreciative I am of you and your course. Your help allowed my product to come to life and taught me skills to develop successful ideas in the future. Thank you again for being an amazing mentor. Without you, your ideas and encouragement, none of the above would have been possible. Thank you!!!!”

Connor Owen

14 Year Old Inventor of Bookie Cushion, currently selling at Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, and Walmart

“It was great to be able to be taken seriously as a kid and to be taught these valuable skills. I felt encouraged to pursue my passions, which was such a contrast from what most people say, which is “just wait till you’re older.” I learned a lot by going through the program and they gave great learning material. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process was. The way the program was taught made everything easy to follow and understand. I truly feel like anyone my age can learn how to do it. I was given the right tools, resources, and encouragement to start licensing on my own.

I went through the program with an idea for rubber wheel covers that you could put on your plastic trash bin wheels so that they don’t make so much noise when rolling. I reached out to many companies, each time more confident than the last. The program taught me what to say, and how to say it when talking to companies. I eventually got three companies that were interested. However, they were not interested in manufacturing the product, only selling it. Nevertheless, I was able to find an idea I thought would work, write and file a provisional patent application, make my own sell sheet, and contact companies that gave me positive responses. For my first try at licensing, I would call that a success.

I am almost 18 now and have started my own company. Our business model is centered around licensing. None of it would have been possible if it weren’t for the skills that I learned at inventRight.”

Scotty Pittsford

Teenage Inventor and Founder of ThinQbator

“I want to thank you again for all your help in introducing us to the world of licensing.

I see it as an amazing avenue to explore innovation without needing copious amounts of startup money. I loved the 9th lesson about negotiation since it covered many details of what I could say. For example, I know now not to rush the process of finding a royalty rate, and I know how to continuously get royalties in the grant of license.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you as I go into my next endeavors. This could include discussing options for my company SENSEHydro, or it could mean learning even more. I have a few ideas in store which I would like to license as soon as possible, so I will be working on those as well. I will make sure to create a sell sheet and possibly a video demonstration for the ideas since those appear the most convincing to companies.

Once again, thank you!”

SenseHydro Team

Chandler Public School District

Who We Work With

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Free Continuing Program for Invention Education Students

Youth who participate in invention education programs develop remarkable solutions for pressing problems. But after these programs end, what happens next? Where do these ideas go?

Inventors of all ages need a simple mechanism for sharing their ingenuity with the world, and that’s where the licensing business model comes in.

Unlike starting a business, licensing can be a low to no-risk endeavor.

You do not need to shelve a great invention simply because you do not know what to do next.

You do not have to let a lack of capital prevent you from getting off the ground.

Instead, you can find and partner with a company that has the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution capabilities to bring the innovation to impact.

We are helping the next generation of inventors learn how to commercialize their ideas via the licensing business model. Our 10-step process has been applied worldwide to license ideas across a diverse array of industries, including medical, technology, automotive, and packaging. With members in more than 65 countries, inventRight has been behind the scenes helping inventors secure licensing agreements since 2000.

After meeting with students and teachers at leading high schools and universities throughout the United States, we are confident our experiential approach to teaching product licensing will help students stay engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship by being able to take their ideas further.

When students reach out to and receive priceless feedback from potential licensees, they learn just how capable they are of opening any door — forever transforming their understanding of themselves and their power.

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