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Over 4,000 Ideas Brought to Life

We take your idea at any stage and create professional, lifelike marketing materials to help sell your invention.

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Custom Designs for Products in Any Industry!

What We Offer

Sell Sheet

Invention Prototype sellsheetsmple

This is a one-page marketing piece for your product idea. There are different styles and templates available depending on your needs.

If you are also ordering a Virtual Prototype, consider our Design Package!


Virtual Prototype

Invention Prototype vpsample

This is a life-like 3D rendering of your product idea created by our designers. Available with an Augmented-Reality upgrade for an interactive 360 view.

Use it to demonstrate your products’ benefit and send to licensees!


Design Package

Invention Prototype designpkg

Save over $75 When Combined

This premium design package includes a Virtual Prototype and Sell Sheet.

We work with you to produce a professional grade marketing package for your invention idea.


Line Drawings

Invention Prototype linedrawsmple

Work with a designer to create clear, concise illustrations that show the features and details of your product. Used for patent illustrations or storyboards.

Each order has a 3 drawing minimum.

$30 Each

*Please note: All products include up to three revisions. Additional revisions will be billed at $75 per two additional revisions.

Why A Virtual Prototype?

Prototyping a brilliant idea can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s also typically an expensive and tedious process.

Paying $5,000 or more before knowing if an idea has market demand is a giant leap of faith that keeps many inventors from moving forward.

How do you know who you can trust to safely handle your intellectual property? Where do you go to get started? And what materials will you need?

By creating professionally produced Virtual Prototypes, you can clearly show investors, manufacturers, potential partners, or licensees the benefits of your product ideas with realistic 3D renderings. Make a great first impression in the first couple seconds.

No more shipping your only prototype across the country, wondering if it will survive the journey or if you’ll ever get it back!

Virtual Prototypes allow you to be seen as a professional product developer and safely share your product ideas in multiple places while testing the market before spending thousands on a physical prototype, thus increasing your chances of success.

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inventRight Design Studio

  • Over 4,000 product ideas brought to life.
  • More successful product licensing deals generated from our designs than any other design firm.
  • Proprietary Product Design Guide for streamlining the design process.
  • Fastest turnaround and lowest price point on high-end inventor-specific marketing material.

As a Designer with 30 years under my belt, with considerable experience in both 2D and 3D Design, I can say with total confidence – you will not find a better price for this level of service, anywhere.

Considering the fact that InventRight probably has more experience with inventions and virtual prototypes than any studio or Design Firm in the world, it’s not an exaggeration to suggest that this is one of the biggest bargains you will ever come across. A 90% discount, easily.

Your generosity is truly impressive, sir. Thanks for all you do for the little “guys” out here.

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Why Choose Us?

inventRight Design Studio is a design group started by inventors, run by inventors who only provide design for…inventors! We get you and we are the best in the business!

We specialize in creating materials that help you license your idea. We have created over 4,000 virtual prototypes and sell sheets in the last few years which have helped so many inventRight students get licensing deals.

We can bring your product idea to life by creating 3-D computer generated virtual prototypes – we do it every day, all the time. For inventors! For you!

All your creativity is safe with Design Studio – our team has signed NDA’s which prohibit them from sharing any of your ideas with anyone, ever.

While you may pay less upfront for non-inventor-specific designers with “freelance services,” it’s often a slower and more costly process in the long run.

Through over 20 years of helping inventors, we’ve heard countless horror stories of time wasted paying for multiple iterations while still receiving subpar work and even circumstances where inventors became blocked from patenting ideas after having intellectual property disclosed on a designer’s public portfolio.

Before enduring weeks or months of miscommunications, blowing your budget, and sending your priceless information across the globe to a country that may not have inventor-friendly intellectual property laws, consider the actual costs.

No one understands or quickly handles the specific needs of inventors in this space better than the inventRight Design Studio.

Invention Prototype toyassn

“While a rough prototype or working model of your invention will help you determine its cost-effectiveness, if you are trying to sell your item to a toy manufacturer, prototypes may not be necessary these days. In fact, a good idea that is accurately explained on paper or in a digital format could go as far as or even further than a fancy prototype.”

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Have an Idea?
No Prototype, No Problem.
You Need a Virtual Prototype!

Our Design Studio will create a photorealistic image of your invention idea that you can use to market your idea saving you lots of money on a costly working prototype before you know anyone is interested in licensing it.

Making a great first impression will increase your chances of success licensing your ideas for royalties.

Selling Ideas Like a True Professional

A lifelike representation of your invention idea allows you to share it quickly and easily, but when combined with a high-quality sell sheet and marketing copy, it will give you the ultimate edge to sell your idea to potential licensees.

inventRight has over two decades of experience helping our members create marketing copy and polished, effective sell sheets that are perceived as valuable in the marketplace. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help you bring your product idea to life today.

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Invention Prototype guaranteeicon

Did you know that improperly disclosing your idea can permanently limit your ability to patent your product in the future?

To better help product developers navigate the potential minefields of handling intellectual property inventRight Design Studio has developed inventor-specific NDAs and policies to ensure that your idea is never shared, leaked, or publicly disclosed in the design process.

Your intellectual property is 100% safe and secure with inventRight, the most trusted name in inventing.