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Get a Custom List of Companies Looking For Your Idea

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We Help You Connect with Companies Looking for Ideas

Struggling with who to sell your invention to?

We provide you with a custom list of contacts at 20 companies! This list is curated specifically to your product idea and the category you are licensing in.

In this list of at least 20 companies you can sell your invention to, you will receive the direct contact information for 3 decision makers at each company. That includes an email address and their direct LinkedIn page, giving you over 60 chances to license your invention.

All Access Reports – Get in to Companies Quickly and Easily

Finding the right people and the right companies to pitch your product to is essental to successfully licensing your invention. With our All Access Report, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your inventRight curated contact list contains what we’ve identified as the best matches for your product idea.

You get the contact information of at least 60 executives, including their name, job title, personal email, linkedin profile, and company phone number.

You also get outbound scripts for calls and emails, and a follow-up template that will help guarantee your best chances of success.

View a sample report for a successful product from one of our students, the Whiskey Wedge, below. You can also read Ryan’s success story with the Whisky Wedge here.

What You Get

• Executive Summary report.

• Outreach scripts, follow-up templates and tips on best practices.

• Your custom hit-list in a word document where you can take call notes and more.


Price for 20 Companies

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Any information you disclose with inventRight staff is fully covered by our NDA*.

You can feel safe knowing that we won’t ever share, sell, or disclose your information.

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