Whiskey Wedge and Cigar Glass Invented by Ryan Bricker

Whiskey Wedge Invented by Ryan Bricker
Stephen Key and Ryan Bricker
Cigar Glass Invented by Ryan Bricker

Whether it’s reading “One Simple Idea”, tuning into the inventRight YouTube channel or deep diving into actively becoming an inventRight student, I believe the inventRight community offers the most comprehensive and tactical guide to becoming a successful licensing product inventor. inventRight very clearly communicates the advantages of licensing to both you and to brands looking for new products, and educates you with the essential fundamentals of how to form your initial idea, to finding the right companies, down to the final steps in signing a licensing agreement.

As a student I learned very quickly that every idea, product, company and contract is different, and that while there is not a cookie-cutter step-by-step formula for each product, there are very learnable strategic processes to save you immeasurable time and money in getting your product idea into the right hands and eventually into the market, leading to passive income opportunities.

The “inventing world” can be filled with many pitfalls and bad actors. You will learn very quickly with inventRight, that they are there to give honest, professional and personable education. And I am proud to be a student alumni of inventRight which gave me the insight and confidence in licensing my first two successful products, and I am well on my way to creating and licensing multiple products across differing companies and markets.

Ryan Bricker


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