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At inventRight we help you get your product ideas to the right people at the right companies.

Stephen Key or Andrew Krauss will personally call you to discuss your project and your goals.

Our Team

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Stephen Key

inventRight CoFounder
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Andrew Krauss

inventRight CoFounder
inventRight Gateway Terry OMara

Terry O' Mara

Manager of Coaching Services
inventRight Gateway Paul Sorenson

Paul Sorenson

Senior Coach & Chief Negotiator
inventRight Gateway Scott Putnam

Scott Putnam

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway Ryan Diez

Ryan Diez

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway Brad Kons

Brad Kons

Inventor Coach
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Courtney Laschkewitsch

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway Keanu Alfaro

Keanu Alfaro

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway clark300

Clark Bish

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway martin300

Martin Lombardini

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway carl300

Carl Jones

Inventor Coach
inventRight Gateway Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison

LinkedIn Expert - SmartPitch Coach
inventRight Gateway Dana Knowles

Dana Knowles

Inventor Relations
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Connecting you to 1,000’s of companies in our database!

Creating your Sell Sheet and Virtual Prototype to help communicate your idea to potential licensees.

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Helping protect your idea and negotiate a fair and balanced licensing deal with your licensee.

We have relationships in many different industries.

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Why It’s Important To Have  A Team On Your Side.

“Stephen Key has been a beacon of inspiration in my professional journey right from the outset. His insightful books and comprehensive programs not only laid a solid foundation for my understanding in the realms of licensing and intellectual property but also kindled a deep-seated admiration for his expertise. The moment our paths crossed, leading to Stephen becoming both a personal mentor and an invaluable member of our team, marked a significant turn in my career. Collaborating with the world’s foremost expert in this field is an unparalleled honor, enriching my life both personally and professionally. His guidance has been transformative, elevating our endeavors beyond expectations.

In our team, Stephen’s influence extends far beyond mere reassurance; it is profoundly empowering. His blend of vast professional experience and remarkable charisma brings a unique dynamism to our work environment. Challenges that once seemed daunting are now opportunities for growth and innovation under his mentorship. Stephen’s knack for combining humor with wisdom not only makes our journey towards success more enjoyable but also instills a sense of confidence and resilience within us. As I reflect on our achievements, the profound impact of Stephen’s guidance is unmistakably evident. He is more than a mentor or a team member; he is an integral part of our narrative, a key figure whose legacy will continue to inspire and shape our future endeavors.”

Mitchell Everts

“I began one of my projects, a medical device, three years ago. What initially started as an idea for a product license eventually evolved into establishing a company and manufacturing the device for a major US distributor. These projects are extensive in scope and can be an emotional roller coaster. It can feel like a solitary journey to push the project forward and achieve the objectives.

While friends and family can offer empathy, having someone like Stephen to clarify and provide context for discussions and negotiations with project partners has made a significant difference in successfully moving forward.

In the initial stages, Stephen helped me realize and gain confidence in my ability to handle the different steps of the process, saving me a considerable amount of money and enabling me to develop the skill sets I have now.

His assistance continues to be crucial in deciphering the partners’ level of interest and consistently communicating in a manner that keeps the momentum going towards reaching a deal.”

Simon Forber

“Stephen is an invention wizard in so many ways! And famous for his success in the toy inudstry amongst many others. A prolific inventor himself who has dedicated his life to inventions and helping others get theirs to market through inventRight. ”

Richard North

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