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Keanu Licensed 40 Products in 2 Years

inventRight Coach Keanu Alfaro has licensed over 40 knife ideas in the past 2 years to 10 different companies. Now he is teaching members of our coaching program how to do the same.

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Whiskey Wedge, Selling Over 1 Million Units

“The inventing world can be filled with many pitfalls and bad actors. You will learn very quickly with inventRight, that they are there to give honest, professional and personable education.” — Ryan Bricker, Whiskey Wedge Inventor

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Access Thousands of Companies in our Database!

Meet the decision makers at companies looking for your ideas. Connecting you with companies looking for ideas.

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Leading Our Industry

Our cofounder Stephen Key was recognized with the “Most Influential & Inspiring Leader Of All Time Award” at the 2022 World Intellectual Property Forum in Bangkok.

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Over 100 inventRight Members Products For Sale

Check out more than 100 products for sale right now that were invented, developed, and commercialized with our help.

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Product Licensing for Young Entrepreneurs

Bringing your product ideas to market without starting a business

Helping Entrepreneurs Bring Their Products to Market

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Multi-Grip Mandoline Invented by Tim Brennan
Home whiskey glassware
Whiskey Wedge Invented by Ryan Bricker
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Precision Aligner Buttons Invented by Dr. Kaye & Dr. Cetta
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Squigz Invented by Scott Baumann
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Grip Go Invented by Scott Baumann
Home push hang hardware
Push & Hang Invented by Michael Van Horst
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Treadz Invented by Chuck Lamprey & Amanda Hutton
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Grid-It Invented by Dario A.
Home rennstand auto
RennStand Invented by Frank Ceravolo
Home fishbone packaging
Fishbone Packaging Invented by Kevin L'Hereux & Keith Elliott
Home dinos games
Dig 'Em Up Dinos Invented by Kelly Ehrenman
Home bat sports
Duncan Toys Pop 'N Hit Practice Bat Invented by Jeff Davenport

*These are not affiliate links. inventRight does not profit from the sale of any of these products.

How We Can Help You

Fast Track
Accelerated Coaching Program

(Our Most Intense)

$6,995 for 3 Months

FastTrack is an aggressive program for inventors for whom time is of the essence! FastTrack includes access to inventRight services for three months with more frequent coaching. You’ll get everything you need to protect and license your idea on an accelerated timetable including one Sell Sheet and one Virtual prototype from our Design Studio.

Premium Program

including Personal Coaching

(Most Popular)

$3,495 for one year

Our Premium Program includes access to inventRight services for a full year and provides everything you need for protecting and licensing your ideas. Add on Design Studio for $149 and you will have custom, professional marketing materials to increase your chances of licensing your idea!

Online Coaching

(Personalized Q&A)

$1,495 for 26 Weeks

(Great Value)

Learn from two Senior inventRight Coaches who take you through the 10-step program in a small group setting.
Get individual answers to your questions every class you attend, classes are twice a week. Plus, three one-on-one sessions with a senior coach.

We Can Help!

I would like more information about bringing my product to market.

Product licensing for inventors and entrepreneurs.

inventRight has been helping its members for over two decades.

Let our team become your team.


Additional Services

License This

(Most Economical)

$29 Per Month

Learn at your own pace. Our 10-step licensing guide will teach you how to license your product ideas in the most efficient and effective way, using the most comprehensive information on product licensing in the world.

3D Prototypes & Sell Sheets

Starting at $149

We’ve taken over 3,500 ideas and turned them into a professional lifelike virtual prototype. Let us help you develop your ideas marketing materials.

Access to Companies


Finding the right company and who to contact is extremely important. We provide a custom list of 60 or more executives at companies matched to your new idea. 

Invention Consultation

60 Mins. $299

Not quite sure what to do? This could be the most important step in your inventing journey. Talk to our experts and determine your next steps.

Protect Your Idea


Create a provisional patent application quickly and easily with our guided software.

Claim patent pending status on your invention for one year!

Product Licensing for Young Entrepreneurs

No Charge

(K-12 Upon Approval)

Our program will teach you how to bring your product ideas to market without starting a company. Learn how to license your product ideas to Companies for Royalties.

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Over 5 Million Views on YouTube

Let Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, the cofounders of inventRight, show you how to bring your invention ideas to market faster and with little or no financial risk. inventRightTV gives you free invention help education  to get your product ideas to market.

Our Members’ Products are Sold in 1,000s of Retailers

About inventRight

Our goal is to empower and support entrepreneurs, everywhere. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to share their creativity with the world. Learn more about inventRight, our cofounders Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss and the entire team by clicking the link below.

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