Spinformation is a rotating label. It’s actually two labels in one. The top label spins around the container and reveals what is printed on the base label through a clear window. Many companies have used the Spinformation label including Rexall Sundown Herbals, Jim Beam DeKuyper Pucker, Lawry’s Special Blend, Nescafe Coffee, Disney and others. This technology has over 13 patents and has won over a dozen awards.

Spin Label - Stephen Key With Alex Trabek
Spin Label - Hannah Montana
Spin Label - Griz Label Top
Spin Label - Griz Label Base
Spin Label - Pharma & Med Pkg Cover
Spin Label - Rexal Ad
Spin Label - Logos
Spin Label - Cars Twist N Chill Grouping
Spin Label - Pucker Bottles
Spin Label - Nescafe
Spin Label - Packaging-World-45-Graphic

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