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Get One Year of Patent Pending Protection from $199*

*+USPTO Filing Fees. One application access per fee.

SmartIP makes it easy to write a strong provisional patent application for your invention.

Patent Your Invention Ideas

Protecting your invention ideas doesn’t have to be costly.

It does need to be done correctly to stop others from copying your idea and help get a licensing agreement. One of the most important tools for licensing your ideas is a provisional patent application.


Our program will help you file a provisional patent application that you can use to:

  • Negotiate a win-win licensing deal.
  • Raise money from investors.
  • Stop others from copying you.

The majority of our members license their invention ideas with only a Provisional Patent Application that is written the “right” way.

Protect Your Invention Idea Today

Gene Quinn IPWatchdog

“Stephen Key’s secret sauce to licensing is just what is needed to kickstart and spur on a generation of inventors.
If you are in need of inspiration and some handy tips, follow him and his organisation inventRight for content and more, you won’t regret it.”

—Darren Olivier
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Adams and Adams, Johannesburg, South Africa


“Stephen has actually been successful at getting patents and successful at monetizing those patents. Getting a patent is one thing, but when you’ve been as successful as Stephen at actually making money on the patents, you guys are listening to the right person.”

—Gene Quinn
Patent Attorney and Law Professor, Creator of SmartIP,
Top 50 Most Influential IP Strategist


Gene Quinn IPWatchdog
Gene Quinn IPWatchdog


“I’ve known the founders of the InventRight
program for about 20 years and they are the ONE invention program I feel comfortable referring individual inventors to.”

—Steven Colby, JD, Ph.D.
Startup and Patent Attorney
Rimon Law


“Every one of my videos has a link in the description to One Simple Idea, which is foundational reading for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully license their ideas and inventions. Stephen Key is one of the few folks in the inventing and entrepreneurial space that’s not trying to scam folks or peddle get-rich-quick schemes.”

—Dylan Adams
Patent Attorney
Partner at the law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Seattle, WA

Gene Quinn IPWatchdog
Gene Quinn IPWatchdog


“Stephen Key is my hero when it comes to making sole inventors successful. I highly recommend his books, especially when you are a patent attorney: it is always helpful to know with whom we work, and sole inventors are a sometimes awkward species.”

— Martin Schweiger
Patent Attorney


Get Patent Pending Status for Your Product from $199

Get Patent Pending Status for Your Product from $199

+USPTO Filing Fees

Designed by a world leading patent attorney, SmartIP lets you create a professional and effective provisional patent application for your invention.

Do you need a patent?

There are many reasons why you might need a patent.


  • Raising money for your start up.
  • Establishes credibility to build a team.
  • Licensing to a market leader.

Here are a few people that can help you.

Patents kevinnewad

Kevin Prince - Quick Patents

Quick Patents was founded by Kevin Prince, an inventor and a Registered Patent Agent, to help the independent inventor and small business person protect their inventions.  Kevin is an UC Berkeley Engineer, author of The Art of the Patent, and co-founder of Inventor’s Forum, a non-profit inventors educational group in Orange County, CA. The holder of three patents himself (CD Snaps, Data Glove and Sleeve Saver), Kevin enlists the help of multiple former PTO patent examiners, draftsmen, engineers, researchers and administrative assistants to get your patent application properly drafted, filed, argued and approved.

Patents wardad2

Jake Ward - Ward Law Office

Ward Law Office is a boutique law firm that excels in patent and trademark law, offering personalized and professional services to a wide array of clients, from individual inventors to large corporations. Their expertise spans a multitude of technical disciplines, ensuring that every client’s unique intellectual property needs are met with precision and care. The firm’s commitment to flexibility and client education, coupled with their ability to provide high-quality services at affordable rates, positions them as a valuable ally for anyone seeking to protect their intellectual property.

The founder of the law firm is Jake Ward, a registered patent attorney with a comprehensive background in science and law, and a recognized voice in the IP community. Ward Law Office also extends its reach beyond the United States by leveraging strong international partnerships, offering clients global intellectual property protection. With a promise of no-charge initial consultations, the firm stands ready to assist inventors and businesses in navigating the complexities of patent and trademark law, ensuring their innovations and brands are well-protected.

Patents InventRight Ad 1

Lynnsie Whitaker Designs

Hi, I’m Lynnsie! Helping inventors bring their ideas to life and propel them into the marketplace is what I’m all about. I have over 13 years of experience in doing just that! Whether it’s patent illustrations, graphic design, sell sheet strategy and design, technical drawing, concept sketching, logo design, consulting, I do it all

Protecting your ideas can be complicated.


If you need help determining the best business strategies for protecting your inventions, please contact us below.