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Deal By Me Podcast interview with Stephen Key

interviewed by: James W. Smith, Host

Licensing Ideas and Partnering with Top Brands with Stephen Key

interviewed by: Callye Keen


Good Day Sacramento

Watch Stephen’s guest appearance on Good Day Sacramento!


Stephen is interviewed on MSNBC Your Business

Watch Stephen’s interview with JJ Ramberg on MSNBC Your Business about his first book One Simple Idea.


Stephen appears on ABC Money Matters

Stephen recently appeared on ABC Money Matters as part of the PR tour for his new book One Simple Idea.



Stephen Key is a contributor to Forbes.

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Tim Ferris Blog

Stephen is somewhat famous in inventing circles for two reasons. First, he consistently earns millions of dollars licensing his ideas to companies like Disney, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. Second, he is fast. It seldom takes him more than three weeks to go from idea to a signed deal.

Stephen has appeared on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

Stephen was quoted in a recent Money Magazine article. This article was featured on the CNN/Money website as well.
Michael Collins
“Stephen Key, a successful inventor himself, works diligently to help others learn how to make money developing products without spending a fortune. His inventRight philosophy dovetails perfectly into what is required to prosper in the world of Open Innovation because the winning concepts are often those that are creative and well-articulated without being fully developed into finished products.”

– Michael Collins, CEO of Big Idea Group and Author of, “The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone.”

Patent It Yourself
Stephen Key quoted in David Pressman’s Patent It Yourself 13th Edition.


Stephen talks with Ingrid Arna about his books and bringing ideas to market.

The Big Idea
“The Big Idea” by Donny Deutsch.
“From Riches To Rags And Back Again.”

Stephen Key featured in Donny Deutsch’s new book “The Big Idea.”

Donny Deutsch host of CNBC’s The Big Idea has released a new book by the same title. Donny recounts some of the more inspiring stories from former guests that he has had on the show.

Stephen has been honored with the inclusion of his story.

Donny talks about Stephen’s Spinformation label and how at one point the business dried up. But, Stephen being the industrious man that he is brought an entireley new product to market, Guitar Picks. Donny talks about how you can go from “Riches to rags and back again,” at any age. Donny goes on to say, “He’s (Stephen) living proof that a big idea can happen at any age.” Donny’s Big Idea Lesson with this story is “You don’t have to be young to be cool. Big ideas are always cool.”

American Inventor

Stephen was asked to be a consultant on the first season of the hit ABC Reality Show American Inventor.


Accudial featured on The Dr’s TV Sho

Business Week
How to Sell Your Invention
Deciding how to bring your revolutionary new product to market is a challenge. Here are some basics to set you on the right road.

by John Tozzi

SF Gate
Licensing vs. Manufacturing: What’s Best for Your Product?

by Stephen Key

4 Hot Inventing Trends
What’s changed in the world of inventions? It’s not just the technology–it’s the inventors themselves.

By Tamara Monosoff

Science Friday
inventright Co-Founder Andrew Krauss on NPR Science Friday.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Comes to Santa Rosa

“Success through Invention- The USPTO and YOU”

Stephen is a guest speaker along with USPTO director John Calvert, Andy Faile USPTO Supervisory Patent Examiner, Andy Gibbs CEO Patent Cafe and others.



Creative Warriors Unite


The Amazing $eller


Everyday MBA

Income for Baby Boomers

Peak Marketer Podcast

Entrepreneurs On Fire
The Solopreneur Hour

Business Growth


Mind Your Business


The Lip TV

Stephen Key as expert guest on Dr Phil


Profitable Startups

Stephen interviewed on MSNBC in the OPEN forum sponsored by American Express.

Tim Ferriss Recommends Stephen Key and inventRight on National Radio Show

by George Noory | Coast to Coast AM

Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle Nation

Podcast 239: How to Cultivate Creativity Like an Inventor to Generate Product and Business Ideas



Stephen Key is a contributor to Inc.

Unfinished Business - Betsy and Renee talk with Stephen about bringing an idea to market

by Betsy & Renee ft. Stephen Key | Unfinished Business Tips

Business Growth

Business Growth

Episode 30: Stephen Key and Building Your Idea Muscle


Stephen interviews with BRWtv Australia

Stephen speaks with BRWtv Australia about inventing and innovation.

LA Times

Recession is giving inventors time to fine-tune their ideas

Stephen was interviewed for an article on LA It’s a great article, check it out, Click Here.

Stephen Talks With Michael About His Career And Inventing.

by Michael Leier - The Morning X Radio Show

Good Day Sacramento
“The interview was awesome! Stephen has an open invitation on the show whenever so please keep in touch!”

— Alyson Schulz, Senior Coordinating Producer, Good Day Sacramento



Career Renegade
Stephen Key and InventRight featured in Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields.

“InventRight is a blog, educational resource, mixed media program created by well known inventor Stephen Key that teaches a soup to nuts approach to product development and licensing. It is the most comprehensive resource I’ve seen for product licensing.”

– Jonathan Fields

The Entrepreneur's Almanac
Stephen Key featured in The Entrepreneur’s Almanac by Jacquelyn Lynn.
Hot Picks
From Licensor to Licensee

One of Stephens businesses, HotPicks manufacturers and sells guitar picks all over the world. He licenses from other companies such as Disney.

Courier Mail
Ideas can be made to pay

WHEN American inventor Stephen Key stuck a photograph of Michael Jordan on the backboard of a toy basketball game, he knew he was on to a winner.
Who wants to throw basketballs at a boring backboard when they could thrown them at a basketball superstar?

Sacramento and Co.

Sacramento & Co.
October 2008, Stephen appears on Sacramento & Co. – ABC affiliate station News10 morning show.

Stephen Key and Taylor Swift

February 2008, Stephen’s company HotPicksUSA signs a major licensing deal with hot new Country Star Taylor Swift. HotPicksUSA produces special guitar picks that feature Taylor’s music videos. Learn more by visiting
Small Business: Cashing in by licensing your invention
Fox News
Peer-to-Patent program taps wisdom of masses
Fortune Small Business

Bringing a killer new product to market
The idea is the first step. Here’s how to turn it into a business.

by Alison Woo


The Boston Globe
Licensing vs. Manufacturing: What’s Best for Your Product?

By Stephen Key

The Boston Globe
Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs
The Boston Globe

Side Histle Nation – Interview with David Fedewa

The Boston Globe

Cut The Crap Part 1

The Boston Globe
Cut The Crap Part 2
The Boston Globe

How to Cultivate Loyal Fans Who Will Grow Your Network For You

The Boston Globe

Tailored Entrepreneur

The Boston Globe
Self Made Entrepreneurs
The Boston Globe

Hack The Entrepreneur

The Boston Globe

The Entrepreneur’s Library

The Boston Globe
Success Harbor
The Boston Globe

Secret Success Blueprint


Bacon Wrapped Podcast

The 4 Hour Workweek

The Four Hour Workweek

Stephen is mentioned in The 4 Hour Workweek.

From page 164
“Stephen Key is the most consistently successful inventor I’ve ever met, with millions in royalties from companies like Disney, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. He is not high-tech but specializes in creating simple products or improving on existing products and then licensing (renting) his ideas to large corporations. He comes up with the idea, files a provisional patent for less than $200, and then lets another company do the work while he collects checks. This site introduces his fail-proof process for doing the same. His techniques for cold calling alone are invaluable. Highly recommended”

– Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek


Good Day Sacramento

Stephen appears on Good Day Sacramento to talk about his book One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs.



Stephen Key is a contributor to Entrepreneur.

The Rudd Report - Lauren Rudd talks with Stephen about starting your own business from a simple idea.

by Laura Rudd ft. Stephen Key | The Rudd Report


A news10accudialModesto inventor’s idea hits store shelves

Sacramento ABC affiliate KXTV News 10 featured Stephen and the new product Accudial that utilizes his Spinformation® Rotating Label.

ABC News Logo

Eureka! Recession Sparks Inventive Spirit

Stephen was interviewed for an article on Ki Mae did an excellent job, check it out, Click Here.

Jennifer Smith
“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Stephen Key through several television appearances, and he is an incredibly positive and powerful force. If you are looking for the inspiration, confidence and know-how to transform your one simple idea into moneymaking reality look no further than Stephen Key. He has the right stuff to successfully launch you into the marketplace. What are you waiting for!”

— Jennifer Smith, 30 year veteran journalist and news anchor for ABC affiliate station NEWS10

Hardcore Inventing
Stephen Key and InventRight featured in Hardcore Invening by Dr. Rob Yonover.
Secrets of Millionaire Moms
“Successful inventor Stephen Key, who’s opinion I respect, is one of the first people whose advice I sought when I started my company four years ago.”

– Tamara Monosoff
Best Selling Author and CEO of Mom Inventors Inc.


Accudial News 10 Piece

China Post
Inventors find time in recession to hone ideas

If we have the Great Depression to thank for inventions such as the Twinkie, Monopoly and the photocopier, this recession may be remembered for inspiring a biodegradable shower mat, a tie that holds iPods and a gadget that breaks the vacuum seals of jars.

news 10 desk

October 2008 – Stephen appears on Sacramento affiliate station News10’s half hour prime time live web talk show Live-Online with Jennifer Smith.

News 10

Stephen was interviewed by local ABC Affiliate Station News 10, featuring his guitar picks.

USA Today
Peer-to-Patent program taps wisdom of masses
Startup Nation
Commercialize Your Invention – Experts Share Advice
Audio Interview
Music Trades
The Mother Of Invention

Accessory Inventors Discuss The Genesis Of Their Wares Whether big or small, the best music “small goods” are keys that open customers’ imaginations, solve their problems, and enhance their music-making experience. Some items sport a clever, compelling twist on a familiar product.

Zero to Hero without Venture Capital

Stephen is a guest speaker along with Jack Canfield, Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, Wyck Hay, Co-founder of Celestial Seasonings, Gary Erickson, Founder of Clif Bar and others.

Innovations and Breakthroughs
Get a Street Smart MBA

The Make More Marbles Show


Rich 20 Something Podcast


School for Startups Radio


Inspirational Creatives


Rise to Mastery


Shark Tank Podcast

Table Top Inventing
The $100 MBA Show

Art of the Charm


Sales Tip A Day


The Smart Passive Income Blog


The App Guy

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