Dennis Diener

Mary Ellen Pennington Successfully Licensed a Product!

“The 10-Step inventRight process works! Embarking on the journey of licensing a product to a company was one of the most challenging endeavors I’ve undertaken. Many years ago, I joined inventRight with the dream of holding my own product in hand. Today, I celebrate signing my first licensing agreement, and the second and third are in the works.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Initially inspired by fellow product developers, I familiarized myself with the inventRight process, making a firm commitment to bring my idea to reality. Despite setbacks, including a rejection for my 4-in-1 highlighter due to perceived “high costs” far down the road, I persisted. Juggling a new job and the demands it brought, I put my idea on hold.

Returning to inventRight years later, I explored new product concepts while the 4-in-1 Highlighter returned from the back of my mind. While it might not be a million-dollar idea, I believed it was at least One Simple Idea. Convinced of its clear benefits and feasibility, I refined the design and engaged with more companies.

Despite facing concerns about cost, I turned obstacles into opportunities by offering one of the previously interested companies to connect them with potential distributors and sharing mold costs in exchange for a higher royalty. A breakthrough came when they agreed the very same day I sent out this offer.

What did I learn? It’s a numbers game, and we must be problem solvers and project managers. Not every company will instantly commit, and our role is to identify and address concerns. Building a mindset around continuous learning and trust in our ability to adapt when needed, is crucial. That way, I personally think failure becomes impossible, and success is only a matter of time.

I extend my gratitude to Scott, Ryan, Stephen, and Andrew for their motivation, valuable feedback, and guidance. inventRight, in my view, is more than a system — it’s a life school, turning not just ideas into reality, but us into creators!”

Dennis Diener


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