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inventRight has the single largest collection of over 1,000 free inventor resources that exists on the internet today. We love helping inventors bring their invention ideas to market; whether you utilize our free resources below, or if you sign up and become a member we are happy to have you! 

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Companies Looking For Ideas

Here is a list of over 500 companies that are looking for great ideas!


View our collection of more than 800 YouTube videos that have helped inventors all over the world license their inventions and product ideas.

inventRightTV Podcast

Access our podcast containing hundreds of hours of licensing content and material to help you bring your invention ideas to market.

inventRight Blog

View our latest articles from authors such as Stephen Key and weekly guest posts.

Licensing Library

View the world’s largest collection of 400 free articles, videos, and educational material designed to help inventors bring their invention ideas to market.

Key To Licensing Podcast

Listen to the “Key to Licensing” podcast featuring host Sylvia Pomazak and monthly guests helping you license your invention ideas.


Stephen Key has written 5 books on his experiences successfully licensing product ideas and inventions over his career.

Sample Agreement & NDA

Needing to get an idea of what a licensing agreement looks like? Get a free sample agreement and NDA.

2022 Webinar Series

Watch our webinars throughout the year to learn every step along the way of licensing your idea!

Podcast Interviews

Listen to Stephen Key as he discusses how to license your invention ideas from all over the world.

Inventor Groups

View inventor groups across the US.

Helpful Infographics

Here are some helpful and educational infographics about licensing and inventing.

Helpful Links

View additional links that inventors will want to have access to.

Expert Interviews

View our expert interviews that include Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Steve Wozniak cofounder of Apple, John Osher inventor of the Spin Brush, and Russell Hornsby inventor of the billion dollar seller Zhu Zhu Pets, and many more.

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