Getting On Shark Tank Is Not Easy

by | Sep 30, 2022

Tens of thousands of people try out for Shark Tank but only a couple hundred have actually pitched in front of the Sharks. The chances of making it on the show are very slim. According to one article, of 40,000 applications the show received in 2016, only 180 entrepreneurs were able to pitch in front of the Sharks. That’s less than 0.5 percent. Although those odds aren’t the best, it shouldn’t deter you from applying.

So how do you stand out? How about if you wear a chicken costume and your partner wears a turkey costume? How about you just happen to have a great product that allows you to cook a turkey or chicken perfectly every time? To top that you have sales in over 80 retailers and your product is made in the United States with a large profit margin for each and every one sold! That sounds like a winning combination to me!

Today we would like to give a big congratulations to inventRight’s own Kirk Hyust! Tonight, he and his business partner Brian Halasinski are appearing on one of our favorite shows — Shark Tank.

Their product is the Turbo Trusser, a stainless steel device used to tie up the wings and legs of chickens and turkeys quickly and easily.

Kirk has done a spectacular job as one of our inventRight coaches and we know he will continue to accomplish great things.

An enormous thank you to you, Kirk, for everything you have done for inventRight and the inventing community.

Please join us in supporting Kirk and Brian by tuning into tonight’s (Friday, September 30th, 2022) episode of Shark Tank airing at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern!

Congratulations Kirk and Brian!


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