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inventRight Offers Individual Designs and Design Packages

You Save on all Design Services with our Packages!

Sell Sheet

This is a one-page marketing piece for your product idea. There are different styles and templates available depending on your needs. If you are also ordering a Virtual Prototype, place that order first!


Line Drawings

Work with a designer to create clear, concise illustrations that show the features and details of your product. Used for patent illustrations or storyboards.

$30 Each

Logo Design

Every good product needs a logo – big idea or small, a logo is the first step in getting yourself, and your product idea, the professionalism you need to stand out.


inventRight Premium Design Package

This high-end design package lets you look professional from the start. inventRight works alongside you to produce a high-quality marketing package for your invention idea.

What You Get:

Virtual Prototype
Sell Sheet


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Have an Idea?
No Prototype, No Problem.
You Need a Virtual Prototype!

Our Design Studio will create a photorealistic image of your invention idea that you can use to market your idea saving you lots of money on a costly working prototype before you know anyone is interested in licensing it.

Making a great first impression will increase your chances of success licensing your ideas for royalties.

Pen To Paper

inventRight Hyped for Halftime Cup 750

Concept Stage

inventRight Cup Virtual Prototype750

Final 3D Model

inventRight Hyped for Halftime Cup Virtual Prototype copy



Share your idea with one of our designers online through a sketch and written descriptions.



Your designer will create a basic mockup showing how your product looks and works.



A finished virtual prototype shows exactly how your idea will look and function so that you can pitch it to potential licensees.

Need more than just a prototype? inventRight also offers inventor help programs to help you license your idea at any step!

Share Your Product Idea Anywhere

A professional virtual prototype allows you to share your product idea digitally with anyone, anywhere, instantly. Adding a virtual prototype to your invention portfolio will supercharge your selling opportunities.

Virtual Prototypes are Mobile Responsive

Selling Ideas Like a True Professional

A lifelike representation of your invention idea allows you to share it quickly and easily, but when combined with a high-quality sell sheet and marketing copy, it will give you the ultimate edge to sell your idea to potential licensees. inventRight has over two decades of experience helping our members create marketing copy and polished, effective sell sheets that are perceived as valuable in the marketplace. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help you bring your product idea to life today.

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Design is only one part of licensing your idea. To see our inventor programs that help you protect, sell, and negotiate a licensing deal for your idea click the button below.