Jaikob William

Mary Ellen Pennington Successfully Licensed a Product!

“I would like to start this off by saying inventRight has changed my life in many ways and if it were not for this program I don’t know if I’d be where I am today, I would like to also thank my coach Brad Kons. Brad has been a great mentor, and it was because of his guidance that I was able to sell my idea.

I think we can save my full journey for another time but to make a long story short I enrolled and tried pitching many ideas in many different industries and was told no every time, 120 times to be exact.

I was counting because I knew that someone was going to tell me yes eventually and I wanted to be able to reflect on all of those nos I received once I had success. My success started once I went into an industry that I was passionate about which is pets, specifically dogs.

Not all of my ideas were accepted, but the feedback and relationships that I built with the people in this industry are amazing. I have had CEOs and owners give me their personal numbers to send them new ideas directly, and that’s what I did with a company called “Spunky Pup.”

I sent the owner an idea called (bone heads) and within 1 hour he called me and made an offer, and the offer was finalized about 30 days after. Here’s where things get interesting, I didn’t license my idea I sold it directly to the company.

I will say though I would have made way more licensing it, but I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do this and I did. After I sold the idea I used the money to start my own company called LAUGH WITH PETS.

We are on Amazon now, and we will be live in December to the public, and we are also planning on selling on Chewy.com sometime next year.

One of my biggest goals with this company is to allow students from inventRight to pitch their ideas to Laugh With Pets. I don’t think I will need to hire a team of product developers when inventRight already has a whole community full of them.

I cannot wait to work with some of you in the very near future, and again I just want to thank the inventRight community and team for keeping me motivated and inspired.”

Jaikob William


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