Kinnard Carter

Mary Ellen Pennington Successfully Licensed a Product!

“My name is Kinnard, I’ve been in the program for a year and a half. I sold my first product for $20,000 buyout. I’m currently developing a system of products to construct vertiports using repurposed shipping containers.

My story with inventRight started from a need to develop and protect a system of components that didn’t exist. The ultimate goal for these components is to use them to build architectural structures using repurposed shipping containers.

I learned about inventRight from an article in Forbes written by Stephen Key. After I read the article I realized not only could I develop each of these components for the market, but I could also protect them, do it in a financially responsible way, and just maybe make some money.

The coaches at inventRight help guide me towards these goals. I’m lucky to have had two coaches, Kirk Hyust and Scott Putnam. Each pushed me through different phases of the 10 steps system and offered different but necessary emotional support. Kirk provided the freedom to explore and the encouragement to continue. Scott provided me with structure and pushed me to follow the steps when I was stuck.

The 10-step system and the coaching process works. In my personal experience, I’ve learned the decisions you make during the process have a material effect on the outcome. If I could share any realizations from my experience with inventRight and the system it would be these:

1: Attempt even if you are overwhelmed.

Believe in your coaches and the process. I created value for my customer by explaining the process and its benefits. The idea of perceived ownership and how I could help provide that to my client helped maintain a high valuation of what I was offering.

2: Don’t resist the pressure to bring your project to some sort of closure.

The 10-step program is really about rinse and repeat. Start guiding your project and partner to a conclusion and something will happen. Even if it is you getting to move on to your next awesome idea.

3: Every product you choose to develop has a monetary value. That is not just a faith, it’s also a responsibility.

The responsibility piece comes from choosing to develop products that honor the process and formula inventRight and your coach work so hard to teach.

Good luck and happy developing!”

Kinnard Carter


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