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Learn How to Make Money From Your Ideas

License your product for royalties.

Learn how to license your ideas to companies for $29.95 a month.

With InventRight step-by-step program you will learn:

• The necessary skills required to sell your ideas.

• Go from amateur to professional product developer.

• Learn to say and do the right thing.

Need more help to license your product?

• Are your ideas falling on deaf ears?

• Has your product stalled?

• Have you hit the wall and moving forward with your product idea?

Want more information than inventRightTV and Stephen’s books?

Included in your inventRight program:

  • inventRight’s 10 step licensing guide.
  • Sample licensing agreements.
  • How to negotiate a licensing agreement.
  • Negotiating the largest royalty possible.
  • Sample sell sheets.
  • Pitching Scripts.
  • How to write a provisional patent application.
  • Increasing your revenue by sublicensing.
  • How do you get your product in the news!
  • Plus over 300 Hours of training videos.

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Access to thousands of companies looking for ideas.

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Monthly webinars hosted by the cofounders.

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Discounts on additional products and services.

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