Patent Your Invention Idea

We will help you patent your ideas the “right” way saving you time, energy and money.

Patent Your Invention Ideas

Protecting your invention ideas doesn’t have to be costly.

It does need to be done correctly to stop others from copying your idea and help get a licensing agreement. One of the most important tools for licensing your ideas is a provisional patent application.


Our program will help you file a provisional patent application that you can use to:

  • Negotiate a win-win licensing deal.
  • Raise money from investors.
  • Stop others from copying you.

The majority of our members license their invention ideas with only a Provisional Patent Application that is written the “right” way.

Protect Your Invention Idea Today


“Stephen has actually been successful at getting patents and successful at monetizing those patents. Getting a patent is one thing, but when you’ve been as successful as Stephen at actually making money on the patents, you guys are listening to the right person.”

—Gene Quinn
Patent Attorney and Law Professor
Top 50 Most Influential IP Strategist


Gene Quinn IPWatchdog
Gene Quinn IPWatchdog


“I’ve known the founders of the InventRight
program for about 20 years and they are the ONE invention program I feel comfortable referringindividual inventors to.”

—Steven Colby, JD, Ph.D.
Startup and Patent Attorney
Rimon Law


Get Patent Pending Status for Your Product from $99

Get Patent Pending Status for Your Product from $99

+USPTO Filing Fees

Designed by a world leading patent attorney, SmartIP lets you create a professional and effective provisional patent application for your invention.

Patents 101

A patent is the right granted by the United States Patent & Trademark office to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the Invention in the United States or importing the Invention into the United States.


of patents never recoup the cost it takes to file them


of our MEMBERS license ideas without a patent


needed a Licensable provisional patent application

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Licensing Made Simple

With 3 Easy Steps

Join us at any step.

Conduct a Professional Search

Step 1

Patent Search

We recommend doing a professional, worldwide patent search, performed by a patent search specialist. Knowing your point of difference compared to other patented inventions allows you to make informed decisions. This is critical in order to file intellectual property that truly has value in the marketplace.

File a PPA

Step 2

Provisional Patent Application

Gain immediate patent pending status. Protect your invention idea for 12 months while you develop and market it to companies. We will help you compile everything necessary so your patent attorney or patent agent can perform the best job possible for you.

Get in the Game

Step 3

Licensing Your Invention

Now is when you identify potential licensees and begin to create your marketing tools that will help you connect with companies that are looking for ideas. Once you find the right licensee inventRight will help you negotiate the best possible licensing agreement.

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We will be with you every step!

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