Asa Sprunger

Inventor of Once In A Chameleon

One In A Chameleon Invented by Asa Sprunger
“Licensing a product and having it on the market is a very rewarding challenge. No matter how good an idea is, it is nothing without great execution and the proper know-how. The valuable guidance that inventRight provides, allows anyone with perseverance and persistence to develop the necessary know-how!

I was fortunate enough to come across Stephen Key and his work back when I was in middle school, over 10 years ago. After reading One Simple Idea (and going back to it time and time again), reading countless articles that Stephen has written, as well as watching the priceless videos that Stephen and Andrew Krauss put on Youtube, I am truly indebted to the service that they provide to the inventor community. Thank you so much!”

Asa Sprunger

Inventor, Once In A Chameleon

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