Dave C.

Inventor of Chill Specs

Chill Specs Invented by Dave C.
Hide My Wires Invented by Dave C.

For years I tried to venture my inventions and then a friend suggested I try licensing instead. I then discovered InventRight and doing so has changed my whole perspective on coming up with new ideas. I’ve followed their course and have gained a wealth of knowledge, from filing patent applications on my own to reaching out to potential licensees the right way. My coaches AmyJo and David have been incredibly encouraging and supportive, making the whole process enjoyable and fun. I highly, highly recommend InventRight to anyone interested in licensing their ideas.

When I first came up with my idea for Chill Specs, there were some that discouraged me from developing it any further. But with encouragement and advice from my coach Amy Jo, I moved forward with it anyway and began the inventRight licensing process. The result was not one, but two different offers from major players in the DRTV industry. With AmyJo and David’s help, I was able to negotiate a better deal with one of them, and now I’m excited in anticipation of seeing Chill Specs marketed nationally (and hopefully internationally as well). Thanks so much to AmyJo and David for guiding me through the process. It really does work!”

Dave C.

Inventor, Chill Specs

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