Jon Corbett

Inventor of Baby Shower Sashes

Baby Shower Sashes Invented by Jon Corbett
“Last year was tough on my normal line of products – bachelor party/wedding supplies, as most people were isolating and many were postponing weddings. I decided I would need to be creative and branch off in to new categories to stay successful. I came up with a lot of unique and all original designs and slogans for baby showers. In doing this, I found success with a number of different products in this category, including one of my most popular sashes for men – “”The Man Behind The Bump.”

On top of that, sales have sky rocketed for my bachelor party/wedding supplies as there have been an influx of them going on this year. Being persistent and creative paid off. I credit inventRight for teaching me to continue to adapt and figuring out new solutions to my problems. I especially credit Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for the motivation to keep being creative!”

Jon Corbett

Inventor, Baby Shower Sashes

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