Karim El Najar

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

Before inventRight, all I had was an idea. Now, my idea is in the process of becoming a consumer product
that people will benefit from! I’ve always wanted to see my ideas come to life, but I thought it was just an
imagination. I never had any product design education, nor have I ever thought of pursuing such a career.

One day, while writing my master thesis about AI, I thought about how I could bring this idea to life. I
started researching online, a few clicks here and there, and finally, I saw this book called “Sell Your Ideas
With or Without A Patent.” I read it countless times, and I still do. Anyways, years have gone by, I got
busy doing other things, and the book ended up on the shelf among others.

Months later, I met an Italian artist who also happened to be an ideator. He had so many ideas he wanted
to bring into the world, but didn’t know how! He told me he wished he had started earlier or met someone
who could have helped him realize his dreams. Sadly, he passed away, but together we’ve had many
beautiful problem-solving sessions.

I got triggered once again, I visited the InventRight website and immediately registered for a consultancy
session. Signing up for the program was the best decision I took to chase something I deeply care about.

I have participated in all weekly coaching sessions. I got to interact with like-minded people, which is
fantastic! I became part of a great community of creative people, inventors, mentors, and experts. The
program was indeed the core element that enabled and motivated me to pursue my dreams. The program
is well-structured and easy to follow, everybody is extremely helpful. inventRight is here to help you to
invent right. They have dozens of insightful materials, videos, and weekly sessions to help you bring your
ideas to life.

To keep in mind: Don’t trust your imagination when it comes to products. You’ve got to make sure your
product does what it is supposed to do in real life. My product had to be changed countless times until it
matched its description. What matters is that you are satisfied with your product, even though it is not
perfect! Don’t be too judgemental about your idea, it will keep evolving. Failure is giving up easily. Live
your life as an inventor and not as a dreamer. My biggest advice to you is to have consistency,
commitment, determination, and belief, belief, belief!

Special thanks to co-founders Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for doing all this and to coaches Paul
Sorenson and Terry O’Mara for the valuable one-on-one sessions and the bi-weekly group meetings.
Thank you, Sylvia Pomazak, for the wonderful introduction, and Heather Christensen, for your great
support. Thank you inventRight, for making this journey possible in a fun and simple way. Thank you all
very much!

Karim El Najar


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